Arturo Vidal’s Brother-in-Law Murdered After Being Shot in the Head in Santiago Shooting

The brother-in-law of Bayern Munich midfielder Arturo Vidal has been murdered in Santiago, Chile, ​AS report.

Ignacio Neira Guerra, the husband of the former Juventus star’s sister, Ambar Vidal Pardo, was pronounced dead after being shot in the head at the wheel of his car. Reports from the Chilean media say six shots were fired from a separate vehicle on Avenida Departamental, a street in the south of the city.

Reports says shots were fired when a car pulled up at the side of Guerra’s vehicle, with one of the six bullets striking him in the head.

Guerra was taken to Hospital Barros Luco but was pronounced dead on arrival after succumbing to his wounds. Guerra was 31 years of age and is survived by his wife and two children.

Reports claim Ambar identified Guerra’s body and that there is no clear motive for the killing, which took place in broad daylight, although there are rumours it was related to drug trafficking. No arrest has been made.


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