'I'VE BANGED STARS' Adam Johnson’s disgusting boasts to prisoners about bedding two top television celebs

‘I’VE BANGED STARS’ Adam Johnson’s disgusting boasts to prisoners about bedding two top television celebs

Jailed ex-footballer makes sick claims in pathetic attempt to curry favour with his fellow criminals in shocking secret video

JAILED footie paedophile Adam Johnson lied about bedding two top television stars in a sickening attempt to curry favour with his fellow prisoners.

The smug ex-England ace, 29, was filmed bragging about “banging” the pair of celebrities while other convicted sex offenders cheer and goad him on.

However, sources close to the female stars, who GistApex has chosen not to name, last night branded his claims “total and utter nonsense”.

It comes after we revealed yesterday how Johnson, jailed last year for sexual activity with a 15-year-old, told inmates he wished he had raped his victim.

A new minute-long clip, filmed secretly on a mobile phone, again shows “Johnno” relaxing with inmates in the laundry room at HMP Moorland in Doncaster.

An unseen prisoner says Johnson has “banged” a famous British actress and another asks him if it is true.

The former Sunderland winger arrogantly replies: “Yeah, yeah.”

Another suggested Johnson was “proper obsessed with her”.

The pervert is then asked: “What about any other famous birds?”

Johnson smirks: “Err yeah, a few, like.”

An unseen inmate goads him: “Come on then, spill the beans Johnno.”

Johnson wastes no time blurting out the name of another well-known personality, adding: “I was going out with her for a couple of months.”

An inmate exclaims: “She’s fit!”

Shameless Johnson agrees but last night a source close to the TV star denied the paedo’s claims, adding: “What he’s saying is 100 per cent untrue.”

Johnson was jailed for six years last year for grooming, kissing and touching a 15-year-old fan.

The Premier League star, who has a two-year-old daughter with his ex Stacey Flounders, told jurors at his three-week trial he was “ashamed” of his actions.

But yesterday we revealed how he was filmed accusing his victim of seducing him.

And when one inmate points out he did not rape her, Johnson laughed: “I wish I f***ing did for six year.”

Johnson initially feared that he would be bullied behind bars. But in the videos he seems comfortable surrounded by inmates on the sex offenders’ wing.

Johnson, who works in the prison joinery, also claimed he would not have been jailed if he was “Joe Public”.

He said: “If I wasn’t who I was, he (the victim’s dad) wouldn’t have gone to the police station. I didn’t even get me c**k out or f*** all.”

Johnson has launched appeals against his sentence and conviction but they were rejected twice.

Campaigners have slammed the footballer’s “appalling” lack of remorse. An NSPCC spokesman added: “What part of ‘age of consent’ does Johnson not get?”


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