7-Month-Old Baby Girl Raped By 57-Year-Old Stepfather Dies

7-Month-Old Baby Girl Raped By 57-Year-Old Stepfather Dies

Following a horrific case of child rape, a 7-month old baby in Katsina, Nigeria, has died. The perpetrator is the little girl’s stepfather Magaji Dansale. If the extent of her injuries wasn’t already bad enough, wait until you get a load of his ridiculously bizarre reasons why he took the little child’s soul.

During his interrogation, the father of six biological children couldn’t really pinpoint any particular reason for brutally raping his stepdaughter. “She is also my child, I just don’t know how it happened. I regret my action and want to plead for leniency,” he said. Are we to somehow interpret that raping one of his own children would have been equally acceptable?

And it gets worse. According to Daily Trust, he also offered some nonsense about a dream he had and that God ordained the unconscionable act. “I had dreamt that if I had sex with the girl I would stop my unwanted frequent travels, so I went ahead and did what I did,” Dansale said. So, if this is what happens when he stays home then imagine what he must be up to during these so-called ‘unwanted travels.’

Something else just doesn’t add up here. Zinnai Muntari, the baby’s 25-year old mother and Dansale’s wife, was in the house all night while the attack on her daughter took place. Why didn’t she hear any screams? The baby was ripped apart from front to back and Muntari didn’t awaken until the wee hours of the morning for prayer? There must be more to the story. The state Commissioner of Police, Usman Abdullahi, offered this theory:

“We suspect that the woman was drugged, for how come with probably all of the screaming of the baby the mother couldn’t wake up? I assure you, we will charge him to court to get the case to its logical conclusion,” Abdullahi said.

Let’s hope so. Dansale brutally raped a woman’s baby right under her mother’s nose and the baby died. There isn’t a hot enough place in hell for this dude. But the sooner he gets there, the better.


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