David Mark “Easter: Pray for Nigeria, our challenges are surmountable “

Immediate past President of the Senate , Senator David Mark has asked Nigerians across the religious or Socio- political divide to close ranks and work harmoniously in order to overcome the challenges facing the country.

Senator Mark  in a good will message to Nigerians marking this year’s Easter celebrations asked the Christian faithful to  use the  period to pray for the survival of Nigeria saying that the current situation  requires  divine intervention to over come the myriads of problems  .

The former President of the Senate in a statement by his media aide, Paul Mumeh, enjoined faithful to  imbibe the teachings of Jesus Christ and the lessons of Easter which emphasizes  peace, love, perseverance and forgiveness.


To this  end, Senator Mark canvassed for religious tolerance  between and among various denominations in the country pointing out that ” to the best of my knowledge, no religion preaches violence.  All  religions preaches peaces, love and good neighborliness .


” I believe that the more we are together, the better for us all. We have more to benefit from each other and make the society a better place”.


Senator Mark was of the view that the nation’s challenges can be surmounted if  citizens develop positive attitude towards nation hood and harnesses various talents for positive goals.


He stated: ” The difficult situation at the moment, I believe can bring out the best in us. It demands that both the government and the governed should put on the thinking cap and fashion out alternatives for the common good.


” We should as a matter of necessity reignite the indomitable spirit of Nigerians that had seen us through various travails as a people in the past to face the present situation.


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